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    Yeah, i don’t normally make shit like this, but I feel like this needed to be said.

    Because why is it okay to hate the majority on this website, but the minute someone says something about a minority (which is just as wrong), they’re bombarded by so much hate that they often delete their blogs?

    Let’s look at ourselves, guys.  Hating an entire group for the actions of a few, or for something that they literally cannot help (i.e. the color of their skin), isn’t helping anything, and is pushing away the equality that we often say we want so desperately.

    God knows I’ve been literally scoffed at and told I don’t deserve the right to voice my opinion specially because I’m white.

    I’d like to be an ally, but a few people insist I’m the enemy before even getting to know me.

    "Getting to know" people can incredibly risky and emotionally draining. Other people do not owe it to you their time and patience to get to know you and your opinion is not the most important thing in the universe - especially on topics that don’t directly affect you.

    One doesn’t like to be an ally, one does ally things, and part of that is realizing that is sometimes realizing one isn’t in a place to have a fully formed opinion on a topic, being quiet, listening, and taking the lead from others. Being an ally isn’t about you and your feelings. 

    Hurt feelings are nothing compared to the constant drain of questions and demands to ‘play nice’ and ‘get to know’ people who far too often turn into bigots and large energy drains that do absolutely nothing other than claim to be allies. It’s bullshit. 

    eriously, I’m fed up with this ‘waaah, what about the the allies’ bullshit. It shows a real lack of listening and research in the area. Recognize that if the struggle from marginalized involves fighting against oppressive groups, the comments aren’t about you as an individual but the group. Why not, say, fight the people in your group to be better - and be an actual ally - rather than complain that people in a marginalized groups just need to get to know you (do you have idea how dangerous that can be? even just on mental and emotional health?). You’re either in solidarity and doing something, or you’re not, it doesn’t matter how well other people know you. You can deal with your own group without anyone having to know you. 

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